B.E.S.T. Celebrates Black History Month with: DR. ELIZABETH FRAN JOHNSON

February 24, 2015

 B.E.S.T. Celebrates Black History Month with: 



“Throughout the years Elizabeth F. Johnson has been honored on more than forty occasions for excellence in service”

Born on April 25, 1928, Dr. Elizabeth Fran Johnson is a Baltimore native most notably recognized for directing a large share of the Head Start programs that serve “at-risk” children and their parents.

Johnson has accomplished much during her lifetime, including being the first African American Gold Bar Girl Scout (the highest award in Girl Scouting), developing a consumer education program for HMO’s, providing her leadership in the creation of the Legislative Agenda for Maryland Women (LAMW), and providing her leadership for the Maryland Girls Agenda. The vision for LAMW was to “bring diverse women from throughout Maryland, to speak in their own voices of the barriers that remained for them, and to craft solutions.” The Maryland Girls Agenda was initiated to “address the extreme difficulties girls are experiencing in their transition to adulthood.” Johnson has been recognized with numerous awards for her accomplishments and leadership throughout her career.

(Credit to the Maryland State Archives)

Learn more about the wonderful work of Dr. Elizabeth Fran Johnson at http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/educ/exhibits/womenshall/html/johnson.html

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