Kalin has been enrolled at McDonogh School since 6th grade. Kalin has excelled beyond anything I could ever imagine. Kalin always had a thirst for learning. The McDonogh School has filled the void and provided the attention she needs to grow and mature.


Kalin’s resume as a high school sophomore is very impressive. She has maintained straight A’s since her journey began maintaining a 4.11 GPA. She continues to challenge herself by enrolling in summer school. Kalin speaks Mandarin. Currently, she is taking her first AP Chemistry class in 10th grade & has been recommended for several AP courses during her junior year.


Kalin is very active in sports. Although she never played sports until 6th grade, required by McD, she does very well. She plays basketball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, and runs indoor track. She also participates in dance and choreography.


Kalin is a member of the Orange Key. The Orange Key members are selected by the school to host and tour prospective students. Kalin is a member of the Diversity Club and attended the SDL Conference in December in Tampa, FL. She is a member of the Special Olympics, Universe, and Empty Bowls clubs. She just returned from Italy for Spring break with her Italian Innovation class.



Kalin’s Parent says: “Kalin realizes her blessings and opportunities and takes her education very seriously. She believes her education is her responsibility. I am so proud she recognizes the gift, The B.E.S.T Program. Thank you B.E.S.T for the gift of education. Eternally grateful & proud.”