6th Annual Leaders on Leadership Breakfast

November 1, 2018

What a morning for B.E.S.T. last Thursday! More than 100 B.E.S.T. upper school students and 120 adult guests attended the B.E.S.T. 6th Annual Leaders on Leadership Breakfast at the Center Club in downtown Baltimore. The positivity, warmth and connection at our breakfast felt joyful. David Fakunle, Friends School and B.E.S.T. Alumnus ’05, and Alicia Wilson of Port Covington Impact, shared meaningful messages with our students, funders, member school representatives and friends. David’s insistence that we “declare our truth authentically” and Alicia’s reminder of the importance of having guides and mentors to help us get where we need to be will no doubt stay with all of us who were in the room last week. And most importantly, the time spent with our incredible, talented, thoughtful students was the best gift of all.

A special thank you to Karlo Young, B.E.S.T. Board President, and to Matt Micciche, Head of Friends School and B.E.S.T. Trustee! The morning was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our students and alumni, and to strengthen B.E.S.T.’s relationship with our funders, partners and friends.