B.E.S.T. Alumni Sibling Spotlight

January 31, 2018

“Growing up, my mother always stressed the importance of education.
She went above and beyond to seek out educational opportunities for my brother and me. With the help of B.E.S.T., my mother was able to provide us with a quality education in an enriching environment, for which I am incredibly grateful. My Friends School experience gave me the confidence and poise to step into the world as an adult and pursue my career dreams.Throughout my years at Friends, I learned many invaluable lessons which have stayed with me and guided many of my decisions over the years. Friends is not just a school; it’s a culture.”
Tiffani Sterrette Collins ’00

“It is said that it takes a special person to see the light inside of another person – which means the staff at B.E.S.T. are some of the most special people in the world. To be able to not only see, but be willing to invest in the potential of young scholars is something that should be commended on a daily basis. Because B.E.S.T saw something in me, I was able to attend Friends School and be challenged on a daily basis by both the faculty and my classmates to try to be better each day than I was the previous day. This is a motto that I still carry with me today, and pass down to young adults I have the opportunity to teach or mentor. With six years of wonderful experiences at Friends, the one I will remember most fondly was the moment I was able to meet the trustees that made it possible to attend Friends School.
I hope in that moment they saw, and to this day continue to see,
that light inside of me still burns bright.
Jeff Sterrette ’96

Jeff Sterrette ’96 and Tiffani Sterrette Collins ’00 

Jeff Sterrette ’96
Friends School of Baltimore
Howard University ’00
Chief Technology Officer, Life Logics

Tiffani Sterrette Collins ’00
Friends School of Baltimore
University of Maryland, College Park ’05
University of Maryland School of Law ’08
Managing Partner at Downs Collins, P.A.
B.E.S.T. Board Vice President