B.E.S.T. Summer Scholars 2018

July 29, 2018

This summer, 25 newly enrolled B.E.S.T. students participated in the B.E.S.T. Summer Scholars program. Hosted at Roland Park Country School, this five-week comprehensive program for students entering 6th grade and 9th grade in the Fall provides a solid foundation in academics, arts and athletics for students to be on a path to success when they start at their independent school in the Fall.

Through the generous support of STX, students were fully outfitted with equipment including sticks, goggles and balls to learn the sport of lacrosse during Summer Scholars. Students had the opportunity to build their skills and foster sportsmanship amongst their peers while having fun and preparing for future athletic opportunities in their school communities and beyond.

Within the first week of Summer Scholars, current 9th grade students were invited to join their 9th Grade peers in Summer Scholars for an opportunity to discuss the transition to Upper School from the point of view of self-identity, as well as academic success and preparation for the college process. Students spent the first half of the day with Megan Johnston, College Counselor at Roland Park Country School, who gave students a glimpse of the impact that course selection, extra-curriculars, volunteering and academic performance starting in 9th grade can have on the college application process. After lunch, students were joined by Marlo Thomas, former Director of Diversity at Roland Park Country School, to delve deep into topics around equity vs. equality and self-identity, while discussing both their fears and excitement about a new school.

In addition to hands-on classroom experience in subjects including Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading and Writing, students also participated in three field trips throughout the greater Baltimore area.

Pictured below: Banneker-Douglass Museum (first), The Hippodrome Theatre (second) and Outward Bound (third and fourth).

Thank you to the faculty, staff and interns who made the 2018 Summer Scholars Program such a success. We are grateful for their steadfast support and commitment to serving our students and preparing them for success in this next step in their academic journey!

Elisha James, Director and Science
Cari Hummel, Writing
Fitz Hardcastle, Math
Antoinette Hawkins Hagerich, Art
Kim Hoffman, Social Studies
Brittany Horne, Explorations: Finding Me

Edwina Jones, Reading
India Kutcherman, Intern
Niala Kutcherman, Intern
Yvette Matthews, Extended Day
Keziah Palmer, Intern
Preston Waters, Athletics