Damian Perkins

“I am a living example of how it truly does take a village to raise a child. This ancient African proverb teaches us the eternal truth that no man, woman, or child is an island. As I move forward in life, I am able to see more clearly the paths that I traveled in my youth. What is abundantly clear is that the paths that I have traveled were not arbitrarily chosen. There were hands of great intention gently guiding me. There were those who gave to me who may never know my name. I say all of this to say that B.E.S.T. provided so much more than simple funding for my education. B.E.S.T. is a source from which my development as a young man was nurtured and fed. B.E.S.T changed the natural trajectory of my life from good to great.  I am proud to be an Alum of an organization that continues to feed into the lives of Baltimore’s most talented young people.”


Where I’ve Studied:
McDonogh School, Class of 1992

Northwestern University

Indiana University


My Career:
Executive Respiratory Representative, Merck & Company