Meaningful Partnership with Under Armour through B.E.S.T. Alumna’s Participation in Baltimore Career Combine

January 19, 2018

As college students return home for winter break, some travel, take a winter class, gain a seasonal employment position, or participate in mini-internship experiences. This January, through our ongoing partnership with Under Armour, B.E.S.T. and Oldfields alumna Samantha F. ’16 was accepted into the three-day Baltimore Career Combine program at Under Armour’s world headquarters. Maximizing her winter break experience to learn from industry leaders, Samantha quickly became entrenched in the inner-workings of Under Armour – the originator and leader in the performance apparel industry.

Over the course of the three-day program, participants were assigned coaches and divided into teams to collaborate on a product development project. Samantha and her team focused on the youth market and enhanced a pre-existing jacket to include important safety features that would also work in concert with Under Armour mobile fitness applications. Samantha’s team presented their product to fellow participants and ultimately won the competition!

In reflecting on her experience, Samantha stated “…we met so many people who worked there whose background was not in Business or Marketing. I met employees who majored in different languages, and even in arts programs. Being a psychology major, that made me feel good that even if I am majoring in something else [other than Business and Marketing], if I have a good work ethic and an interest in the apparel industry that I could still go and work at a place like UA.” This experience allowed Samantha to view her college major, interests and future career path from a different perspective while building her resume and honing her presentation skills. Congratulations to Samantha on her success in the Under Armour Career Combine Program!