Upper School Transitions Workshops at Summer Scholars

June 26, 2018

On Tuesday, June 26th, 19 rising 9th graders attended a two-part workshop that focused on transitioning to Upper School. Students spent the first half of the day with Megan Johnston, College Counselor at Roland Park Country School, who gave students a glimpse of the impact that course selection, extra-curriculars, volunteering and academic performance starting in 9th grade can have on the college application process. Students were encouraged to spend time reflecting on personal goals while also sharing their thoughts in small groups. The morning concluded with students each taking on the role of college counselor and student to better understand the ways in which their college counselor can assist them throughout the process.

After lunch, students were joined by Marlo Thomas, former Director of Diversity at Roland Park Country School, to delve deep into topics around equity vs. equality and self-identity, while discussing both their fears and excitement about a new school. Students were asked to visualize their first day of school and what it might feel like to walk through the front doors on their first day. Marlo encouraged students to stay affirmed in their identity as they make this important transition to Upper School.

Thank you to Megan and Marlo for sharing their expertise and wisdom with our students. We wish Megan all the best as she welcomes her first child later this summer and Marlo as she embarks on her new professional journey as the Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity at Georgetown Day School in the Fall.