What Does Black History Month Mean to You? Volume One

February 2, 2016

Through the decades, sacrifices have led to advancements ensuring a progressive future for all communities. The month of February is designated as Black History Month, and we at B.E.S.T. take pride in using this time to encourage the B.E.S.T. community to properly recognize the progress made within the Black community.

This year, we asked B.E.S.T. students grades k-12 and alumni the question “What Does Black History Month Mean to You?” During each week of Black History Month, we will send an email that shares a select number of the responses. We hope that you find these emails inspiring and engaging as our B.E.S.T. community celebrates Black History Month.

Below is our first response from Anjalee R., Bryn Mawr School, 11th Grade:

“To me, Black History Month is about celebrating the past, present, and future of African American Culture. It is a period that we dedicate to reminding ourselves and others of all the positive and innovative people and movements that have evolved from within the black community. It means celebrating diversity and recognizing the accomplishments of all African Americans who have had an impact on our beloved country. It is also an opportunity to inform other people who may not be exposed to African American History. We take the time to remember the hardships and the struggle that the black community endured, and remember how those before us have carved a pathway for people of our generations. I also believe it sends a message of consistent appreciation for other communities. Although February is Black History month, I believe that we should appreciate and honor everyone’s different backgrounds every day.”