College Admissions FAQ Program

October 8, 2023

B.E.S.T. Upper School students, parents and caregivers gathered for our College Admissions FAQ Program at Johns Hopkins University. Led by Deputy Dean of Admissions, Calvin Wise, students learned tips and tricks about how to own the college admissions process while parents were encouraged to empower their student to develop effective independent routines now to transition into their college experience. Calvin shared several key strategies that encouraged students to focus on what matters most to them and their educational goals, including:

  • Start local – Maryland has a wide range of colleges and universities for you to explore without ever leaving the state.
  • Check out a virtual tour – colleges have invested in their virtual tours since COVID, and this is a great place to start before even stepping onto campus.
  • Identify your “drivers” and ask questions that relate to those drivers.
  • Talk about your impact vs. the boxes you checked – in what ways have you dedicated your time and energy throughout high school (athletics, job, responsibilities at home, etc.)?

Calvin also shared strategies for making the most out of the college experience, including:

  • Schedule your first year like your high school schedule – build in set study times, secure an on-campus job/work-study opportunity to structure to your day.
  • Build relationships across campus – by the end of your first semester there should be three adults that you know and know you.

Thank you to Calvin and the Johns Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Admissions for hosting us for this impactful program!