David Fakunle, B.E.S.T. and Friends School Alum ‘05 Plays a Leadership Role with Light City

May 10, 2016

David Fakunle attended a community meeting over a year ago to discuss Light City with the festival organizers. At the meeting, he challenged the organizers to assure that Light City was an event attuned to the citizens of Baltimore and celebrated the collective spirit and energy that defines this city. They agreed with David, and invited him to join the steering committee. David worked to ensure the inclusion of all Baltimore neighborhoods in the festival and to increase citywide understanding and acknowledgment of residents’ experiences.

Additionally, David partnered with a team of light artists to create kinetic light drums inspired by the djembe of West Africa. Nine African drummers, including David, performed at the Baltimore Visitor Center every night of Light City. Not only did the drums light up as they played them, but they coordinated with the redesigned lighting of the Visitor Center. The result was one of the most energetic and exciting installations of the entire festival.

Congratulations, David, for your role on the steering committee and for the incredible art you shared with our city!

See below for David’s pictures from Light City:12

David O. Fakunle is a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in the Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program at the Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health