Keyia N. Yalcin

November 24, 2020











“As a middle schooler, my mother could see that I was becoming bored with my public school education. I was not stimulated and challenged enough, which translated into endless complaints of boredom. My mother looked closely at the Baltimore Independent School system and saw that this was probably the right fit for me. Through her sacrifice over the years and support through the B.E.S.T. Program, I was able to complete high school at St. Paul’s School for Girls. My time at SPSG exposed me to people and alternatives that were outside of my worldview at the time. I was able to gain a global perspective that has set my life on an exciting trajectory. I appreciate and support B.E.S.T. because it gives kids opportunities to nurture the excellence that is already within by giving them access to opportunities and experiences that shape lives.”

Where I’ve studied:
Howard University, 2007
Bachelor of Arts, Business Hospitality Management

Georgetown University, 2012
Master of Real Estate Development

My Career:
Real Estate Development and Management – The Yalcin Group
Restaurant Industry – Fishnet