Member School College Counselor Roundtable

February 6, 2024

Last week, B.E.S.T. convened over 20 of our Member School College Counselors for a Breakfast Roundtable to reinforce the ways in which B.E.S.T. supports our shared students; and to strategize the ways we can continue to strengthen our partnership to better serve the needs of B.E.S.T. families throughout the college admission and matriculation process.

Within small group discussions and opportunities to share back to the larger group, topics included financial feasibility, HBCU knowledge and programming, building the college list and scholarship resources. The B.E.S.T. team was excited to discuss ways to engage all stakeholders throughout the process and equip families with the tools needed to successfully navigate the process during high school and beyond.

Thank you to Chris Post, Cathy Badmington and the Boys’ Latin School for hosting us on your campus and providing the perfect venue to create this forum for great discussion and continued partnership.