College Admissions FAQ: From SAT to Ivy League to HBCU

September 27, 2021

On Sunday afternoon, 30 B.E.S.T. family members gathered virtually for our College Admissions FAQ: From SAT to Ivy League to HBCU event to learn from two industry experts – Paula Dofat, Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Marketing at Central Scholarship and Alyssa Bowlby, Executive Director of the Socratic Summer Academy and Yleana Leadership Foundation – who specialize in the college admissions process.

Paula shared her vast knowledge about opportunities at HBCU’s, leveraging your relationship with your college counselor, bringing lesser-known scholarships to the forefront, and sharing information about collegiate partnerships that enhance the undergraduate experience and extend into post-graduate opportunities and employment. Paula’s inspiring charge to students and their families included words of wisdom grounded in the idea of thinking about the experience you, as a student, believe you deserve and the notion that success is an individual process, emphasizing that it’s important to make the choice for oneself rather than for others.

Paula’s expertise was complemented by Alyssa, who shared her tips and suggestions on navigating the application process at highly selective institutions, scholarship strategies, and interpreting a financial aid letter. Both Paula and Alyssa shared the importance of building a rapport early on with the College Counselor at your school to be able to maximize the many ways in which a counselor can support students and their families through every step of the process.

We are honored to have been able to share this dynamic and thoughtful content with our families and a special thanks to Paula and Alyssa for giving families some resources and strategies for navigating the college application process.