The Color Purple with Special Guest, Ngozi Olandu-Young

January 16, 2024

Last weekend over 200 B.E.S.T. Students, Parents, Alumni, Trustees and Friends gathered for a private screening of The Color Purple at the Senator Theatre. Prior to the screening, guests were treated to an exclusive conversation and Q&A with Ngozi Olandu-Young, Key Makeup Artist on the film and wife of B.E.S.T. Board President, Karlo Young.

Gozi’s inspiring remarks, artfully facilitated through a conversation with Karlo, resonated deeply with the B.E.S.T. Community as she shared her career journey and successes as a Union Makeup Artist for Film, T.V. & New Media, including:

  • Follow your passion: A background in art led Gozi to continue to perfect her craft while learning and exploring an industry that was unknown to her. She spoke about her journey of working at the makeup counter at Nordstrom to being introduced to the depth and variety of the TV and Film industry, which has allowed her to expand her lifelong creativity.
  • Build your professional network and village of support: Gozi shared that several opportunities came by way of a relationship rather than submitting her resume, noting that the relationships you build now can lead to amazing opportunities in the future.
  • Learn to manage your fears: Find ways to overcome your fears by surrounding yourself with people who will support and elevate you and your dreams.

Thank you to Gozi for sharing her inspiring story and words of encouragement and Karlo for facilitating such a meaningful and powerful conversation. It was such a wonderful afternoon with the B.E.S.T. Community who gathered for this special occasion. Additionally, Thanks to Trustee Emeritus, Vernon Reid for sponsoring B.E.S.T families to attend this fantastic event!