Welcoming B.E.S.T.’s New Board President

July 1, 2017

The Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust is pleased to welcome Karlo Young as our new Board President, effective July 1, 2017.  Karlo is a Vice President & General Manager for 2U Inc., an education technology company that partners with top colleges and universities to deliver the world’s best online graduate degree programs.

Prior to joining 2U, Karlo was an Investment Banker at Signal Hill Capital. Previously, he was a Director in Consulting at KPMG, worked at a consulting startup, and was a Consulting Manager at Deloitte.

Karlo received a BS in Information Systems from Drexel University and MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Upon graduation from Drexel, Karlo decided to return to Baltimore to make an impact within the community in which he was raised. In addition to serving as President of the Board of Trustees for the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (B.E.S.T.), he serves on the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, the Gilman School, and is a Co-Director of the Gilman Black Alumni Leadership Institute (GBALI). GBALI, now heading into its 13th year, is a weekly leadership and exposure program which brings together promising Baltimore area high school students and adult mentors, who offer information about their careers, higher education choices, and many other life decisions. To date, GBALI has prepared over 300 students for college and life beyond, including dozens of B.E.S.T. students.

Karlo has been recognized for his leadership and philanthropic efforts by several organizations. He has received “Rising Star” Awards from the Baltimore Business Journal / Living Classrooms Foundation and the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA); “40 Under 40” alumni award from Drexel University; Diversity MBA Magazine’s “Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leaders”; and most recently in February, he was selected as a 2017 “Young Impact Scholar” by the Kellogg School of Management for his leadership around social impact and social entrepreneurship.

At this time, B.E.S.T. gratefully recognizes the significant contributions of our most recent past President, Stuart O. Simms, Esq.  Stu, a partner with Brown, Goldstein, and Levy, has served on the Board of Trustees of B.E.S.T. since 1990. During his twenty-seven year tenure, Stu has served on all Committees of the Board, becoming Board Vice President in 2005 and Board President in 2008.

Under Stu’s leadership, the organization has seen tremendous growth and expansion, including the addition of parent support programming and the .edu Project, the formation of the First Generation Affinity Group, and the creation of the Molly Hathaway Young Women’s and Redmond C.S. Finney Young Men’s Leadership Programs.

We are grateful to Stu for his substantial support and guidance and his deep commitment to our students.  His work in Baltimore on behalf of young people is extensive, and we are grateful for his abiding commitment to the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust. We look forward to Stu’s continued investment in B.E.S.T. as an Emeritus Trustee and thank him wholeheartedly for nearly three decades of leadership.

Stuart O. Simms, Esq., B.E.S.T. Trustee Emeritus; Karlo Young, B.E.S.T. Board President 

B.E.S.T. also welcomes the following Community Trustees and Heads of School to the Board of Trustees:

Community Trustees

Tim Lorber, Legg Mason

James Page, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Floyd Smith, M&T Bank

Heads of School

Lila Lohr, Garrison Forest School

Sue Sadler, The Bryn Mawr School