Raven Dennis

“I entered St. Paul’s School for Girls as a 6th grader. SPSG challenged me tremendously. It helped me to become a great writer and it strengthened my leadership skills. SPSG has a huge place in my heart for helping to develop me into the woman I am today. I give back to SPSG as often as possible. Right now, I serve as a member of their Board of Trustees to shape the lives of other young women who are following in my footsteps. B.E.S.T. was a great organization that introduced me to other private school students similar to myself. I enjoyed the support the organization provided, as well as the opportunity to attend B.E.S.T sponsored events.”

Where I’ve Studied:
St. Pauls School for Girls, Class of 1997
Howard University, 2002
B.S. in Systems and Computer Science

University of Maryland, 2006
M.S. in Technology Management

My Career:
Engineering Project Manager, Prysm Technology School